What can I say about Mark that would really do him justice, other than to say I doubt there is a present day loft anywhere in Europe that can match his acheivments be it at International, National or Federation level.  I say this because no one in mainland Europe has sea crossings to contend with on the final stages of every single race.

Multiple 1st Nationals against the whole of the United Kingdom

Multiple 1st Country International coping with drag from the whole of Europe

Mark starts his 2018 National Flying Club season from Coutance in France taking 2nd and 3rd Section E.

Then takes 7th and 11th Section E from Ancennis in France.

Then he really gets into stride by taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Section E, 16th, 18th 20th Open from Messac in France with the NFC

Then taking 1st Open by winning the British International Championship Club Poitiers race from France

He then continues on to win 1st Open UK in the Pau International

Follows that by winning 1st Open Agen in France with the British International Championship Club

Then 7th Open Palamos in Spain with the British Barcelona Club

Then takes 3rd, 4th, 7th Open 1st Section E from Sigogne in France with the National Flying Club

He strikes again with 8th Open and 1st Section E from Tarbes in France with the National Flying Club

Then wins 1st and 2nd UK in the Saint Vincent International

Then again takes 2nd UK in the Marseille International

He then takes 2nd UK in the Narbonne International

Then in the Perpignan International he takes 1st and 8th UK

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