Ian Crammond and Nigel Langstaff are household names in the UK and have won numerous firsts in Federation, Combine, Classic and Nationals over many years and their lofts are located in idilic surroundings at Fontwell near the coast in West Sussex.

Ian Crammond has been in the sport over 60 years and has won it all in that time and had taken Nigel on as a full pigeon partner some years ago and he can't praise Nigel enough, saying he is a first class pigeon man and has mostly been responsible for their outstanding racing successes.

They regularly go over to Belgium and Holland to obtain top class birds and have made some good friends from over the English Channel and when he going out to obtain new stock they always go to lofts that are winning consistently with very big birdage in the National and Combine races.

The partners racing cocks are on the widowhood system and these racers are split into two teams, one for sprint to middle distance and the other for long distance and the racers are not broke down, being fed on a good widowhood mixture and the two teams are trained separate and flown out around the loft separatly.   They like racing out to places like Bordeaux and Saintes, but their ambition is to win a 550 miles National race.  Their long distance loft is the focal centre of the magnificent set up and Ian calls it 'Master control' as it is about 50ft long.
They breed quite a large number of youngsters which is necessary to participate in two and three races some weekends and all are put on the 'Dark' system.

Unfortunately, shortly after agreeing to participate with me in my project, Ian who had not been well for some time died on Christmas Day 2017 aged 82 years and this does mean all birds will be sold and so the loft will not be racing in 2018.

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