Seven highly successful lofts located in Southern England and who specialise in National Flying Club races where the pigeons on race day have to cross from France over the wide expanse of the English Channel have been asked if they would assist me (Keith Thomas) in my project to compete in the '2018 National Flying Club Young Bird Race' from France.   Not only have they very kindly offered to assist me, but each have provided me with a pair of youngsters.  I shall only be housing just these 14 youngsters and will be in regular contact with the fanciers, as the birds are to be managed and prepared on a consensus of opinion agreed by them all and I do hope they will get as much enjoyment out of this project as I will.

I'm a really small team fancier as I only normally house eight youngsters each year, sixteen pairs of old birds and keep no stock birds.  This will be my first ever attempt at this prestigeous young bird race, or for that matter racing youngsters from France, because in the past I have never been keen to risk sending my few young birds to France in the year of their birth.

These youngsters will have a difficult hurdle to face, because my loft is located just outside Portsmouth on the coast of Southern England and so line of flight training with any meaningful distance from a southerly direction for the French race is just not possible.

I do stress that any failures, or lack of performance in the birds will purely be down to my own mismanagement, as these young birds originate from lofts having exceptional performances and as the old saying goes: "Whilst you can buy the bird, you can't buy the man"

It says a great deal about the character of these seven participating lofts when offering to join me on my project, as the majority of them do not know me from Adam and so I'm truly humbled by their willingness to come with me on my journey.

One of the donors, namely Brian Wall of 'Gem Supplements' has kindly agreed to make periodic visits to my loft to check on the youngsters welfare.

As well as regularly updating this web site, I shall also be writing progress articles in the racing pigeon magazines.

I have over the last couple of years been involved with developement of the new Taiwanese iPigeon ETS clock which has many unique features, two of which are live Internet training and race arrivals which you will be abe to follow on here using the Training/Racing link.

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